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About Jack of All Arts

Jewelery has been a symbol of status since the dawn of time. Primarily as a sign of wealth. Nowadays it is more cool to be wise, innotative with a touch of self-irony. This changes the symbols of status radically. Now it takes something else than gold and diamonds.

Jack of All Arts produces funny and a bit wierd jewelry with a twinkle in the eye. Lots of colours and flowers. Cars and dices. The materials are often toys and pieces from games. Both new and second hand. The adorable is mixed with the weird and twisted. Known objects are put into a new context bringing their history with them and bringing back individual memories. The new context surprises and makes you smile.

All new parts of the jewelry are nickelfree. In case some parts of the jewelry is vintage, we do not garantee for the content of nickel.

All jewelry are made in Denmark and gathered by hand.
The jewelry is not fit for living in the bottom of a bag or falling on the floor.

All jewelry are designed by Rie Winkler
Owner of www.jack-of-all-arts.com