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All prices includes tax but not shipping.

When we receive your order, we will contact you by mail with the total price including shipping.

When you have found something you would like to buy, just click the button "Buy". Then the item will be put into your basket and you will then be able to choose how many you would like and also make a comment on colour, pattern, letter and such. (Please note, that if it is not possible to choose a number, it may be because it is a "one of a kind".)

When you have put the item in your basket, you may either go back to order more or you may choose to proceed with your order. If you choose to continue shopping you are able to see what is in your basket by pushing the button "basket" in the top bar at the right. If you regret an order, you can delete it from the basket.

When you are done shopping and wish to proceed with your order, go to the basket and push the button "Place order". Then fill in the form with your name, adress, email etc. Push the button "Place order" to proceed. Your personal information will only be used concerning this order.

Short after this you will receive an automatic order confirmation by e-mail and the things are now reserved. Then we will check our stock for the demanded colour, amount etc and find the price for shipping. We will then send you the final order confirmation by e-mail with payment information. The payment must be received within 3 days. ......................

When we have received your payment, the order will be sent for you as fast as possible. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us by e-mail: admin@jack-of-all-arts.dk or by phone +45 41604161.

If you should regret your order you have 14 days return. You will be charged for the shipping both ways. In case you would like to return you order, please contact us by e-mail: admin@jack-of-all-arts.dk It is not possible to return order through one of our retrailers.

By complaints please contact: admin@jack-of-all-arts.dk